Baby Got Skillz

Hells yeah!

This whale can paint!

Look! Apparently he's good at boats... P.S. Titlewise- couldn't come up with a whale painting pun. You know, aside from the classic 'whale of a time,' but that's just crap.


In case of emergency...

Shamelessly stolen from nooooooooooooooo.com. Considering I have an exam tomorrow morning, I may be pressing it several times this evening.

Banana Art

Self-explanatory! Faves below:

Good Books and Bad Books

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed an addition on the right. That's correct- I've added lists of those in my Good Books and those in my Bad Books. I reserve the right to alter these opinions at any time, for whatever reason I want. Sometimes, names will be accompanied by the action which resulted in their placement on that list. For instance, Dave, the Fairground Organ Man has been extremely helpful in locating a Fairground Organ for me. Catherine and Lizzy both caused grave levels of revision related stress, but their acutal offenses are wide ranging, and, hence, I have not specified.

You will also notice the Hit List as well. This will be reserved for people of the calibre of Robert Pattinson, Justin Bieber, anybody who watches 'Coach Trip', Shipman and Alan Carr (I hate both his teeth and reliance on twat jokes). Severe offenses may result in movement from my Bad Books to the Hit List. There will be a maximum of 3 people on the Hit List at any one time, as too much anger aggravates my appendix.

The purpose of publically displaying the Good Books/Bad Books list is to positively reinforce good behaviours and negatively reinforce bad ones. The Hit List gives people a chance to escape my presence.

You have been warned.


Tiger Woods- Internal Turmoil

Tiger Woods. You plagued, plagued man.


Bacon Bouquet

When I get married, I'm so having these on the tables. God bless thisiswhyyourfat.


Pixels by Patrick Jean

This. Video. Rocks.


Prime Ministerial Debates

I'm watching the rerun now on the Beeb. To be honest, it strikes me that as much time is spent rehashing tired soundbites as actually forwarding any policies. Only Nick Clegg seems fresh, probably simply for the reason that he hasn't really had a platform as grand as this before. Anyway, I'm not going to express my political opinion here. I merely want to highlight this magnificent post from abj on the BBC website. abj, I salute you. Is that hollywood on the phone?

"For so long people have been ridiculing the Lib Dem's chances in elections saying that a vote for Lib dems is a wasted vote. That has now been exposed as tired, old thinking. If everyone who thinks it's a wasted vote actually votes for them they will be in power. They never thought the Berlin wall would come down. they never thought the Soviet Union would collapse. They never thought apartheid would end. They never thought man would walk on the moon. The list goes on. It's time to free your thinking and believe in change and believe that things can be better."

Don't forget the congenitally crippled child who just outran Usain Bolt!


How do they make Twister ice lollies?

It's summer in London baby! Woo. The sun is shining, Regent's Park is full and I didn't have to wear a jumper today. Sum ergo sum et al., it's summer. To celebrate, I had an ice cream. No prizes for guessing, I had a delicious twister. Num num num! However, something stirred in the back of my mind...

How do they make those suckers? I mean, just, how? I get the smashing strawberry red bit in the middle, and, once ridges are established, the pineapple ice cream can't be too tricky to pipe in, but the lime swirls?

There's only one solution: sorcery.


Flaming Zombooka

Essentially Fragger with zombies. A good 5 minute distraction!

Crazy Parking Skillz


"The thought screen helmet has effectively stopped several types of aliens from abducting or controlling humans. Only four failures have been reported since 1998.

Two of those failures were encounters with alien-human hybrids. In 2005, a cloth helmet with a smaller area of Velostat, which had a Velcro strap, was easily removed by an alien-human hybrid. Another failure occurred in 2007 when two alien-human hybrids snuck up behind a frail woman, tackled her, and forcedly removed her helmet."

What do you call a blind dinosaur?

Doyouthinkhesaw-us! Ok, not as good as this one from f***yeahpuns.



I found Banzai on freeview today. Used to love it- so glad I found it on the air again! Some of my favourites below. (BTW- for more, check out the Banzai channel on the tube.)


Cult Potato has been pimped

Wow! So I've spent all day hacking away at Cult Potato. This is the second design update I've done, and yet I remain oh so clueless at html. Oh well. I'm pretty pleased with the layout and design. What do you my handful of readers think? Also, if it's not displaying properly on your browser, let me know via comments and I'll try and fix it (no promises though. This one almost killed me).

P.S. I'm really sorry for the lacklustre posting over recent times. I've been writing essay after essay after essay. If you want to know anything about the professionalisation of medicine in the 19th century, Boxer concepts of invulnerability during the siege of Peking, animal altruism or attitudes to suicide from the 1500s to present as portrayed by literature, I'm your man. Exams soon, but will try my best!


B.O.B.- Nothing On You

Still not sure about this song. I quite like it; it's fairly summery. However, I really really like this video. Check it out:


Tiny Castle...

... is really quite fun! A worthy 20 minute distraction.


Ninja Warrior

Have I blogged this before? Actually, I don't care if I have. This guy is the shizzle.


Chat Roulette Improv

So I was alerted the other day by my esteemed bro-in-law about Chat Roulette improvisation. Check out Ben Folds doing it live at his concert. Merton seems to be the original instigator- I'll plonk his vids below.