Quite funny really.


Sickest high five ever?

Via heyokay.com.

Kid Koala- Moon River Live

Just watch his hands. I have no idea how he does this, but you can tell it's something special. Loving the eerie siren-like quality Hepburn gets as the records get killed.

Adidas vs. Star Wars


Yo Leonidas, I'm happy for you...

I love comixed.com.


Rock and Roll Fail



Toboganning Police

Makes you proud to live in the Thames Valley!


Internet frivolities

I'm bored, so I propose a new way of wasting time on the net. Firstly, generate a random noun from here. Take this random word and look it up on wikipedia. Take the first word that is linked to in the entry forewith, and 'I'm feeling lucky' it on google. The game ends when you find a word that ends in a page with the original word on.

For instance, I generated mizzenmast. On wikipedia, the first linked word is spar, and I ended up on the Spar supermarket website. There was no mention of mizzenmasts. Hence, I lost.

Fun. Or not. Sad, really. In fact, don't play this game; it sucks. Just go onto mousebreaker or lolcats or failbooking.com or something. Woo. My life rocks.


Intel Advert

I really like it. It makes me laugh. Oh god I'm so hungover.


Public Poo Fail

What alarms me most is that he didn't wipe.


Koala bombs Andy Roddick

Koala-ing. Endlessly amusing.

A hero...

Credit goes to a pal for discovering this. Nevertheless, I like to watch it a least once a day; it just gives me that daily boost.


I ♥ Michael Cera

It's time to confess my man crush on Michael Cera. It all started with the sad walk from Arrested Development. It blossomed in Superbad. And, despite the fact that it was crap, Infinite Playlist whiled away a very boring flight. Look how cool he is:

Jersey Shore make over (all beachy, apparently)


HEE-larious video resume

Can we swap lives? (P.S. The relationship is platonic and non-reciprocated.)