Physics WIN


This squirrel's got nuts...

Weak pun, I know! This crazy acrobatic assault course is pretty cool though.

UPDATE: I've discovered this extended version on youtube, so I replaced the original. Awesome.


Trouser Bomb

Yeah, I'm in the park with my trousers down. What of it? Oh, those school girls? Nah, I'm just a bit warm. Look, they're happy and want peace and everything. (Via)


... is disgusting, but strangely compelling. No photos; my flatmate is eating supper. Sausages!


Well, I'm screwed.


Tortoise trauma

Poor Timmy. He got into a fight and broke his shell and it's going to take a year and a half to heal. A year and a half- can you imagine? You'd have to cut back on nights out. I wish his bout had been filmed though- it probably would have gone the distance. I mean, they'd have just had time to waddle up to each other and perhaps get a headbutt in before the bell would go.

I would like a fibreglass skull though.



Why haven't I heard of these before? I totally want some GloFish. Shame they're illegal in the UK! (Ok, I know there are ethical issues around GMing animals for use as pets, but you still cannot deny that they're pretty damn cool.)

Making a pig's ear of it...

Well, not quite. This is pretty funny though!


Super Karoshi

Nice timewaster- sort of how I feel right now!


How chronic is chronic (one for the medics)?

I've been revising my arse off recently. I think I might have iatrogenic Cushing's syndrome due to raised cortisol brought on by chronic stress. I'm certainly a bit tubbier round the belly than I was a week ago. My face was kind of round before though.

Outstare Jessica Alba

There are worse things to stare at. She beat me- my contact lenses dried up. That's kind of like an injury, so I don't think it counts. Round two later then!


I gave my cat an enema

A little disturbing but funny nonetheless. I love the kiddie style sketchings and the overall sincerity of it.

Nothing But Net!

I love the idea of Dunkin' Duncan fixing broken iPods in his spare time. (Ok fine- I know my title is a little tenuous. You try making up a joke involving basketball and laptops. All I can say is it's not easy.)


Famous paintings made of vegetables

I need to get out more. My favourites:

The Last Supper (ginger)

The Scream (sweet potatoes)

Fibonacci sequences in nature

Do you remember the post I wrote about the golden decagon mask? Well, in a similar vein, I quite like this page explaining the presence of fibonacci sequences in nature. The picture below of an aloe polyphylla plant (I think, I'm not a botanist!) sums it up nicely.


Scrubs Finale

Perfect. A little sentimental, but Scrubs deserves it- throughout all 8 seasons it seems to be one of the few shows I keep coming back to. The last 5 minutes were honestly some of the most powerful TV I've ever seen. The scene of J.D. walking down the hall and seeing his past reflected in the faces of the people he meets juxtaposed against the video of an idyllic future worked brilliantly. It enabled you to see how he's developed as a character and how, despite his mistakes as a doctor, he's resilient enough to remain hopeful. Bill Lawrence's appearance, exchanging a last "good night" with J.D., really made me smile too (I admit, through some tears). So, so perfect! I know it's just a TV show, but I'm really going to miss it. Oh, and I'd like to think that J.D.'s imagined future gets realised (although I am hopelessly idealistic- it's going to break me one day).


WOTD: Rapedizzle

Rapedizzle (noun and verb)- The act of totally destroying another team or player in an online multiplayer game using a sick move or multiple combinations of sick moves.


Call of Duty 4 player- I hit him with the noob tube when he was trying to snipe me, straight rapedizzled his punk ass.

Ridonkulous Beatboxing

My boy Daichi's got mad skills! No, but seriously, I don't know him, but he's pretty good.

Kangaroo home video set up?

Funny nonetheless. A least a little bit!

15 holidays they need to invent

Quite amusing. My favourite:


The Abuse of Autotune

Oh yeah, you know what it is! Think Kanye West's latest album. Autotune is the kind of electro warbling voice altering instrument used on pretty much every track, and it crops up a lot these days. This page has an amusing collection of remixed autotuned videos- I particularly like 'Akon calls T-Pain', but the effort that's gone into the following remixed Slap Chop informercial makes it my (think autotune!) vi-de-o of chooooiiiiicccce.

Ricky Hatton vs. Manny Pacquiao

I'm not really sure how I feel about boxing. In some respects it's a sport like any other- there's competition, rules and safety procedures in place. On the other hand, what other sport has the aim of knocking out your opponent? That's a bit much... I'm a keen rugby player and I know some people go into a game thinking about how they can sneak in the underhand sneaky blows, but those guys are normally bastards. Hmmm. Undecided. Anyway, I've finally found a video of the knockout (for those who don't know, Manny 'Pac-Man' Pacquiao TKOed Hatton in the second round 1 second from time). OMG. This is ridiculous- Hatton just gets blown away. Skip to 31.40 for the punch (this probably won't be up for long, but anyway):

Link (embed wouldn't work!)



I was holed up revising diuretics, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy and drug excretion all of today. Lucky for me! Apparently I avoided the resurrection of some swine flu zombies who are now roaming the streets. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it's on the BBC so it must be true. I've made it home and have boarded up the windows and door- now I just await the arrival of Simon Pegg and his merry men so I can make a dash for the Winchester. Sweet!

How fast can a pig run a mile?

7 minutes, according to the Prince Albert pub quiz (based in Camden). Which my team, Swine Flu over the Cuckoo's Nest, happened to win last night. Ker-ching! (I know I'm blowing my own trumpet, but I NEVER win pub quizzes.)


Facebook- English (Pirate)

Only recommended for those familiar with Facebook or pirates- simply change the language from English (UK) to English (pirate). Example text (for finding friends):

Find yer mateys on ye olde Facebook

Yer mateys on ye olde Facebook vessel be the same crew with whom ye plunder and pillage about the seven seas. Scour this here den of villainry n' recruit yar dirty sea dogs ye may be acquainted with.

At least Facebook's now a bit more interesting.

The Great War of Prefectures

This game is really quite fun actually. Basically, the story goes that the prefectures of Japan have all divided and are fighting. You have to pick a starting point and win. Each prefecture has a different ability, and are in contact with varying numbers of other prefectures, so your choice is quite important- I got wiped out several times before winning with Aomori. A warning, though: it takes up way too much time!

I've just had an eventful evening...

It had all the ingredients- alcohol, a girl and a crazy plot twist. Not sure I understand/like the ending.

I might do eventually though.