Futurama's Geekiest Moments

So somebody's come up with this list of Futurama's geekiest moments. I applaud that someone- well done, Sir! An excellent ensemble. For some reason I can't embed the video, but my favourite is PlanEx. Despite the fact that I wasn't born at the time of the original iconic Apple advert, that I recognised it means it wins in the geekiness stakes. Bravo! Oh, I'll put that Apple add below. Here you go:

P.S. I'm away for the next week and a bit so posting may be sporadic. Adieu!


Damn Nelson Mandela, You Smell So Good!



Simon Simpkins thinks Maoam wrappers are too sexy. Does he realise what most people use the internet for? He should get on that.

Actually, he has a point...


Cockey Rhyming Slang Is Taking Over the World

First, there was the bible in Cockney. Then there was the follow up to the bible in Cockney. Now, there are Cockney ATMs. What's next, Windows Cockney? Cockney News 24? Kindle Cockney? No, that'd just be ridiculous.


Luche Libre Streaker Bomb

I wouldn't normally post such toilet humour, but I couldn't help but notice that the streaker below appears to be wearing a Blue Demon Jr. mexican wrestling mask, one of which I own. It makes me so proud.

The mask (artist's impression)

The bomb


I quite like this site. They're basically failblog style real life comic strips- some are pretty funny! My favourites below.


Rodriguez Nike SB Advert

Jusssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst smooooooth.....

Total Eclipse of the... Flowchart???

Awesome. (Via)

Shoes... again.

I'm an addict. Yey or ney? I really want some Terminator Lo RGBs but those stupid Japanese sizes are too small. How about these Air Force Ones as a stopgap? I do love silver... that filthy lucre.


25 Awesome Homeless Signs

This evening I was explaining to my parents why I didn't mind being mugged as long as the criminal was nice about it. Like, they can take my cash as long as they leave my cards, because they're a bitch to sort out. Chuggers annoy me too. I like it when they say, "Can you spare a minute for cancer reseach?" and I can reply, "Well, ok, but we're not going to get very far!" and then run off before they work it out. So you see, I don't mind being badgered on the street as long as it's polite and entertaining.

I wish these homeless guys lived near me. It'd just brighten my day! Favourites, as always, below.


Tim 'Livewire' Shieff

As previously promised, Tim Shieff at the World Freerunning Championships 2009. Jawdropping. Enjoy!

Bang Goes the Theory

I kind of like this show. It is fairly mickey mouse and, to be honest, I could have a fair guess at most of their mind blowing revelations. However, what I really like is their schoolboy enthusiasm for experimenting on the ridiculous. This evening's episode rocked it- they sent a plastic NASA doll, named Dallas, to the edge of space for £500. AWESOME. The footage the camera they sent up got was just incredible. Hope you like it!



Butter Sculptures

I've only ever seen butter sculptures once before when I was travelling around China. Those were made of yak's milk and were of various gods. Well, these kick those one's butter arses. My favourites, as always, are below.

World Freerunning Championships...

... were yesterday, held in Trafalgar Square. It was awesome! The winner was Tim 'Livewire' Shieff who is just a monster. My favourite move had to be the one where he walked up an imaginary flight of stairs suspending himself by holding horizontally onto a pole. Just unbelievable- he must be an absolute beast. I'll try and find a video of his run (because it was pretty amazing), but until then, here's one from last year.


Making a splash...

Hmmm. Must be fake. Clever editing? I want to believe!!!



... is incredibly addictive! Poof, there goes 4 hours of my life. My favourite character has to be Mr. F, (aka No. 6 from the Prisoner). Anyway, I did it. Don't start unless you have hours of hours. Oh, and the ending video is SO worth it.


Surf win/fail

For your enjoyment, I present a juxtapostion of surfing achievements.

WIN: Surfer catches a huge barrel wave whilst on his mobile phone.

FAIL: Best/worst interview ever.

Queen Bomb



Youtube shenanigans

Yarhar! Right, came across the Junior Spesh' video this evening and was reminded of the McDonald's Rap. Then thought, hang about, what about the Kersal Massive? Then, of course, I had to put up the Persil Massive. Swings and roundabouts really.


Is something I rather like. Admittedly, it does seem to be mostly trial and error, but I suppose a more refined player than myself could apply some actual logic. A welcome 10 minute distraction!

Nike Terminator Low RGB

I WANT!!! Shame they're only available in tiny Japanese sizes. What an amazing shoe.


I'm going surfing...

And, consequently, I won't be about for a week. So, for the 2 people or so who actually read my blog, I've assembled a list of activities for y'all to enjoy while I'm away.

1. Make some Icelandic harkal.
These instructions seem to be on the money, but remember, "don't try this at home unless you know what the end product is supposed to taste like. Putrefied shark can become spoiled." Awesome.

2. Learn the running man. This guy tells you how! Oh, and stick with it as he goes a bit crazy and pulls some sick moves about halfway through.

3. Complete 'Tricky's Riddles'. I got to, like, level 30 before I got bored. Actually quite addictive.

4. Take up temporary alcoholism. In London, I recommend the Monopoly Pub Crawl (complete with map) and the Circle Line Pub Crawl.

5. Assemble Tintin's wardrobe. This may seem a particularly tricky task, but never fear, I've got you covered. My favourite outfits are below.


Roll Roll Pirate

Yarr, yet another pirate game! So t'is true, I have a penchant for swashbuckling treasure related games- remember pirate chains? Well, Roll Roll Pirate is of the same vein. Simply collect the treasure by rolling the pirate blob and get back to the ship. Simple, but addictive. One question remains though- where does he keep his cutlass?

World Beard and Moustache Championship 2009

Oh envy, how green thou ugly face is! Above are my favourite competitors from the World Beard and Moustache Championship 2009. I can't grow a beard due to my half Chinese genes (actually, I probably could- it'd just take about a year). I'm totally saving up for the Norway 2011 Championship.

X-Ray Bomb

Following in the x-ray theme I seem to have going this week, I love this photobomb to death. This irony is, that poor guy now has a higher chance of head cancer. Hmm... actually, it's so funny I just don't care.


The Mocha Lisa- 3604 Cups of Coffee