Bacon Vodka

The future is here. This looks like it'll go down nicely with a Bacon Explosion (baconnaisse on the side, of course) followed by some of Heston's Bacon and Egg Ice Cream. Sign me up for a caseful.


I'm back!

I've been to the edge of life, seen death, and returned unscathed. That's right, exams nearly ended me, but thankfully I fought those bastards and won. Cult Potato took a bit hit though, and for that, I apologise.

Waking up this beautiful, work free day, I thought to myself, what's more Summery than flying a kite in the park? So I've been looking up instructions on how to make kites as a project for some duller moments. This site seems to have it down. I think I'm going to try the High Flyer Kite No. 2 or the Glider Kite, but will let you knwo how it goes down.

On another note, Quadradius almost ended my exam dreams. It's kind of like chequers meets chess meets crazy magical powers- very satisying when you acidify a load of the enemy. Play at your own risk.


Cameron and Clegg...

... sat in a bed. At first, it was like (skip to 1.05):

But now, it's like:

Shocked kitteh watching THAT video

This made me laugh so hard my insides hurt.

Dr. Tim Bale, political analyst extraordinaire

Dr. Tim Bale, I salute you for making the reality of a coalition government so simple for the political numpties watching BBC news this morning to understand. On the outcome of the coalition government, he used two fantastic analogies. I quote:

"This new government it a bit like a ham and pineapple pizza. The first time somebody made one, everyone thought that the combination wouldn't work. Now, it's one of our favourites."

"This coalition is a bit like making mayonnaise- you get your egg yolks and oil and whisk them up. Sometimes it comes out beautifully smooth and golden, but all too often it splits."

The man's a genius.


Dey seez me rollin'


Asian Fry

Nice observation of the day- whilst I was making a stir fry last night, my flatmate declared the sound of the wok, that kind of deep, bubbly frying, to be the sound of Asia, whereas a higher, light fry sound (such as that of bacon) was far more Western. Mmmm. Bacon.


Ninaj Warrior Game

You all know how much I love Ninja Warrior. Well, my flatmate discovered the Ninja Warrior Game yesterday. It has been extremely detrimental to revision, but I finally got to the top of Mt. Midoriyama with 3 seconds to spare. Consider that a challenge!

Election Night!

Woo! I'm excited. Are you? Don't forget to download your free Election Night Party Pack from the Beeb. I like the idea of election bingo, but, frankly, the Gordon Brown mask scares the hell out of me.

Eyjafjallajokull, actually.

comixed.com is amazing.


Mad Cap'n Tom

I've just discovered that I could vote for Mad Cap'n Tom tomorrow. He's actually running in my constituency. While I approve of his policy to make rum tax free, shifting it to mp3 downloads of Cheryl Cole, I'm not sure what he proposes on the NHS. Probably douse all wounds with rum and amputate.