I really quite like this Nike Dynasty shoe. Still not sure whether I could pull it off though! The polka dot effect is pretty cool, and I never really got over the fact that the Nike Terminator Low RGB didn't come out in a size big enough for me. Gutted!


WTF Gadget of the Day

A portable watermelon cooler/heater. Err... yeah. Those crazy Japanese! If you really want to buy one, here's the link.

Study = Fail

I wish I'd thought of this. Awesome. Via.


Large Hadron Collider Explained

Disappointingly, no fusion though. Via.


Yolanda Be Cool- We No Speak Americano

Loving the silent film style camera work- song's pretty funny too. Weirdly catchy!


Stoker on Twilight

I saw Twilight on Saturday. It was terrible.


Best American football hit by a 6 year old ever

Being British, I have played a proper game of American football but once in my life. Nevertheless, I would not want to be playing against this 6 year old. He's a f**king maniac.


Travie Mccoy- Billionaire

Love this tune- it's so perfect for Summer. It's a bit like Jack Johnson's chilled out guitar met Asher Roth at a frat party, then decided to jam it out a bit. Listen to this sitting on a beach sipping a mojito and you're cruising! (Well, I like it anyway.)