How do they make Twister ice lollies?

It's summer in London baby! Woo. The sun is shining, Regent's Park is full and I didn't have to wear a jumper today. Sum ergo sum et al., it's summer. To celebrate, I had an ice cream. No prizes for guessing, I had a delicious twister. Num num num! However, something stirred in the back of my mind...

How do they make those suckers? I mean, just, how? I get the smashing strawberry red bit in the middle, and, once ridges are established, the pineapple ice cream can't be too tricky to pipe in, but the lime swirls?

There's only one solution: sorcery.


leopard93 said...

its sorcery alright. the magicalness swirly out and creates an icey tornadoe. and when it stops. a twister is born.

Anonymous said...

It obviously can't be as hard as getting the f****ng stick bang through the middle!