iDaft Daft Punk Console...

...IS UNBELIEVABLY COOL. After all these years, I can finally robot-o along!


Selfridges Credit Crunch Chocolates

So Selfridges has released some chocolates called the 'Credit Crunch'. They're essentially hokey pokey covered in Valrhona, and come in milk or dark varieties. Priced at £3.99, lets all go get some and stick two fingers up at the recession. Can somebody please lend me a fiver?

Iron Man vs. Bruce Lee

Really nicely done animation.


Relationship Graph

I'm having another Lionel Richie day. My relationship kept chucking stuff up from the past, but my ex-girlfriend (still one of my best friends, I hope) and I have re-evaluated what we want from each other and so today we levelled- I told her I still care massively, she told me she didn't. But that's ok. In my opinion, a relationship doesn't mean anything unless it's real. If she wouldn't have been happy it wouldn't have felt right. Other things were said but, really, that's the crux of the matter.

I present to you the relationship/life graph. The x-axis represents the progression of the relationship, whilst the y-axis is how the relationship feels. Some people are content on the red line- they don't suffer the pain of the extreme lows, but never really experience the ecstasy of the highs. They may not even realise they're on the red line.

I was on the red line for a lot of my life. Then I met her. I didn't know it, but at some stage I switched onto the blue. Our relationship, for me, went as follows- start was a little shaky, but then it peaked. It tailed off at the end. I knew she was pulling away but I didn't want to lose her so I said nothing, delaying it. Then she broke up with me. I troughed. Then we went on a date, trying again, and I went back up a bit. It didn't work out. I have been getting a bit better, but stuff got dug up and now, I'm troughing again. I'm pleased she was honest though. I think we can be really really good friends.

All in all, the pain sucks. I'm glad I'm not on the red line anymore though. I hope I get over her soon because it hurts.


I knew I'd seen that before!

The new Mint Aero ad is totally a copy of this video I saw on youtube:

See? Incidentally, I didn't realise it was Ty Evans and Bob Burnquist (check out this and this).

Worst Lara Croft Copycats on the Web

This is too funny. My favourite:

The Periodic Table of Game Controllers

Larger size is via.

A 60ft Phallus

This is hilarious- student Rory Mcinnes has painted a 60ft phallus on the roof of his home so it would stand out on Google Earth. And it's remained undiscovered for a year. Some people...

Eaten by a bear?

This is, like, the coolest camping item ever. Designed by Eiko Ishizawa, this fake brown bear sleeping bag is just amazing. I'd totally freak out my friends with it.



...is quite funny actually.

song chart memes


Robo Croc

I, for one, hail our new Robot Crocodile overlords.


It's a knockout!

I wonder who won? Via.


Mini Felt Synthesizers

These are so sweet- miniature copies of classic synthesizers made of felt. Created by Australian artist pulsewidth, they can be bought for $75 each. Not only that, but pulsewidth does requests- "If there is a special keyboard or guitar, pedal or amp (etc) that you would like to have a little felt version of, please email me with your request with some pictures and I can do my very best to make it tiny, cute, and felty." Nice.


Leeroy Jenkins

I almost tore my oesophagus because I was laughing so hard.


Emergency services arrested by Sausage Pony

Well, not quite. But it has wasted a lot of their time. I think it's kind of cute actually.


Emergency (MC) Hammer



BBC London News- WTF?

Lead story on BBC London News this morning- "There's a new warning for children playing on high speed rail tracks..." People need to be warned? Seriously Beeb, I'm disappointed.


Greatest. Music Video. Ever?

Justice- D.A.N.C.E. I would like every t-shirt in this video.



... is quite funny. My favourite:

I'm ill and I'm bored

So I found this, the internet's most annoying webpage. It really is.


Telegraph Crossword Quandry

I like to do the cryptic crossword every day. I'm not very good at it, but it's terribly satisfying to complete (I've done it once) and also staves off boredom during lectures. Today, more than ever, I'm confused. This is because I believe there's a typo.

11 ac.: Agent finishing off going through again (9)- I reckon this is 'repending', as a REP is an agent and finishing off is ENDING.

9 do.: Instruments before too long interrupting singer (8)- Before too long is SOON and a singer is a BASS, so I think it's 'bassoons'.

Trouble is, if 11 ac. is right, the second letter of 9 do. should be 'n'. Oh dear. Normally I'd say it's my error, but today I'm backing myself. Hmmm.

UPDATE: Big Dave has solved it. 11 ac. is wrong- finishing off also means EATING. My bad. Ahem.


Best. Excessive Celebration. Ever.

(As seen on failblog.org)


Mirror's Edge

I started playing Mirror's Edge on Sunday night and this Wednesday morning I finished it. IT IS AWESOME. The movement is incredibly fluid- there is a real skill to putting together sets of moves and maintaining momentum. It's definitely not easy to master, but you can pick it up straight away without any real difficulty. At the same time, it's challenging and, thus, rewarding; the bad guys are actually quite tough, and if the path isn't obvious you can spend ages stuck in one place. Taking your time first time round is quite important; I suspect a less patient person than myself might get quite frustrated. Nevertheless, a game unlike any other I've played and I like it a lot. Bring on Mirror's Side, or whatever the sequel will be called (weak, I know).

Oh, am also pleased to report that I didn't throw up at all.


University Challenge Scandal!

I for one welcome the decision of the Beeb for Manchester to reign supreme over Corpus Christi based on the ineligibility of one of their team members. This stems purely from jealousy of Trimble, who is just too clever. Ha.

On another note, am I the only one who thinks Yeo (Manchester captain) and Trimble should have a super smart kid? The child would probably solve global warming or something.