Prime Ministerial Debates

I'm watching the rerun now on the Beeb. To be honest, it strikes me that as much time is spent rehashing tired soundbites as actually forwarding any policies. Only Nick Clegg seems fresh, probably simply for the reason that he hasn't really had a platform as grand as this before. Anyway, I'm not going to express my political opinion here. I merely want to highlight this magnificent post from abj on the BBC website. abj, I salute you. Is that hollywood on the phone?

"For so long people have been ridiculing the Lib Dem's chances in elections saying that a vote for Lib dems is a wasted vote. That has now been exposed as tired, old thinking. If everyone who thinks it's a wasted vote actually votes for them they will be in power. They never thought the Berlin wall would come down. they never thought the Soviet Union would collapse. They never thought apartheid would end. They never thought man would walk on the moon. The list goes on. It's time to free your thinking and believe in change and believe that things can be better."

Don't forget the congenitally crippled child who just outran Usain Bolt!

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