Keyboard Cat!!!

I love keyboard cat. And so does tubbypaws! Why not make your own? Print out this handy papercraft and follow the instructions below! Fun times!

Oh, also, check out the keyboard cat blog. De de dee de/de de deee de/de de dee de/de de deee de...


The Shoplifting Gull

I prefer the lime ones.


Nowadays, image is so important...

... and we are constantly getting judged on how we look. So instead of seeking to change these prejudiced underlying values of society, we're going to cynically capitalise on it and flog you this pot of our magical hokum nostrum. Made from the tears of Haitian orphans, dirt from the cave in Iraq where those weapons of mass destruction were hidden and Gordon Brown's smile, our miracle cure will empower you to conform to a beauty stereotype that we've helped to create. Or something like that. Man, I needed a rant today. What a stupid, stupid advert.


Downfall vs. Settlers of Catan

Ever played Settlers of Catan? I have. Hilarious.


Zero Rupee Note

Kid you not. Supposedly to stamp out corruption. I don't really understand how you're meant to appeal to the moral side of people demanding bribes and backhanders though.

The man you could smell like...

Whatever, he's just going to have to accept that I'm a Herbal Essences man, ok?



Remeber the steroids gone bad thingy I blogged? Well, here's another reason not to take them.


Shoot teh kitteh out the cannon

Simples. And so so satisfying. Screw you, essay.



Hmm, this is interesting. In attempting to view failbooking.com, I acidentally typed in failbook.com and uncovered a crazy lawsuit. In a nutshell, the owner of failbook.com used an iframe and put the content of failbooking.com up on his page. The icanhascheezburger network, owner of failbooking.com, don't like it! However, failbook.com hadn't actually stolen anything- all the hits and advertising still went to failbooking.com. All he was trying to do was inflate his sites value and sell the domain. Confusing! Check it out here- of note is a direct communication between the owner of each sites in the comment section.


Stuff happens

It sometimes goes down like that. I mean, come on. I trained my ninja cat to assassinate the Queen.


Superbowls vs. Presidents

This Sunday is the Superbowl. Now, I have to confess, I don't really like American football. Too much stopping and starting, adverts, I heart America and general jock-ness. Oh, also, in jolly old Blighty, it's on at, like, three in the morning. Boo. However, I DO very much like this blog of Superbowls vs. US Presidents. Based on the keen observation that this is the 44th Superbowl, and Barack is the 44th president, it's pretty close at the moment- Superbowls are up by one. However, my one question is this- Barack's only completed one term so far. Will this Superbowl be judged on just the first quarter?


Duck Sauce- Anyway

These guys got moves! My personal favourite is the synchronised robot. Love the track too.


Nike SBTG vs. Year of the Tiger

I like them. Shame they're too expensive! I could always make my own though.

Chiddy Bang

... are so hot right now. Was introduced to the Opposite of Adults (Kids) MGMT remix by the bro-in-law and have been revelling in the Bang. Fo' sure, sucka!