Transparent goldfish

Wow! In my fishtank of illegality these suckers would go in right next to the Glofish. Those crazy Japanese! (That's not racist. I'm going to back it up in 3... 2... 1...) Who dissects goldfish anyway? (There you go. You thought I was going to make some kind of sushi on a diet joke didn't you? Well, sorry to disappoint. Who's the real racist? Huh?)


The Octofunnel

Oh. My. God.

Christmas Cocktails

... or, specifically, one Christmas cocktail. Which I made up! Jolly smashing it is too, if I might say. And here's the recipe so you all can also enjoy it. I've named it the Gin Gin Chin Chin:

1. Smash a couple of inches of ginger, and add to a shaker.
2. Crank in the juice of half a lemon, then lob in the squeezed half for good measure..
3. Crushed ice! Obviously.
4. Add two shots of gin, and two of cointreau.
5. Add one of grenadine (or a smidgeon more should you so wish).
6. Shake.
7. Add more ginger (to taste, but I like it to give a bit of a kick).
8. Shake it good.
9. Top up with carbonated water (don't go crazy!)
10. Serve over crushed ice in a Collins glass.

Chin chin!


Adidas x Star Wars

I'm so excited I just might wet myself a little. Set to drop in 2010 is the Adidas Star Wars collection. These are the kind of shoes that you like to look at but never actually buy. I like the skywalkers and xwings, but for the sheer audacity of the panelling, my fave's below:

Oh, this modern age!

So Brittany Murphy died. Very sad, to be sure, but I don't really follow celeb news and so only found out today. Perusing many articles to find out the cause of death (heart attack at 32? Drugs probs) I came across a condolence message that sums up the modern age:

anassole moon:
"I'm sad too I hope she gets tweeted about a lot. For like a whole week"

How long did MJ get, anassole moon? (original page)

Greatest music video ever?

Hmmm, maybe not. It smacks of 'Fell In Love With A Girl' by the White Stripes, and I don't really like the song. Awesome idea though! I wish I could believe it wasn't computered.

Mr. Picasso Head

Totally rocks it. Have a go at creating your own! Mine is quite abstract; I'd say it's a post-modern representation of the absence of light on a cold winter's eve combined with an abstract cubist take on the presence of darkness. But then I know nothing about art so there you go.

P.S. Yes, I know I've been neglecting the potato. I'm busy. Sorry!


Casual Fridays!!!

It's casual friday! Here are two games for you to kick back and enjoy.

The first, available both online and as an iPod app, is the new helicopter. Quite frankly, Canabalt rocks. My best so far is just over 2000m, but that's not fantastic. Must play more!

The second is a physics game where you blow stuff up. Kind of like chess with dynamite.

Both are fantastic time wasters. Hooray for lethargy.


The Tetris God...

... is a vengeful god.



So it's a classic idea very similar to The Guardian's 2009 april fool. Quite funny! Good christmas present material, methinks. Example below:

Harry Potter (1–7) by J. K. Rowling
Hello everyone from under the stairs! Aunt and Uncle threw me under here again. Gosh, life is so hard.

That fat fuck Dudley stole all my food! I wish something good or at least interesting would happen to me.

OMG I'm a WIZARD! And my parents are DEAD WIZARDS! Off to magic boarding school. PEACE BITCHES!

OMG Hogwarts OMG I have two friends OMG magic OMG the Slytherins are Nazis OMG there is an EVIL WIZARD out to get me.

Snape a douche! Dumbledore a wise man (but maybe gay?). Voldemort tried to kill me! Flying broomstick! Battle over magic crack-rock!

OMG the year's over. Time goes fast when you're having fun. Goes slow if you have to read seven books with lots of adverbs.

Back to school! Should be a great year! I hope nothing crazy happens like last time.

No! Voledemort is trying to wreck my shit up AGAIN!! I am TIRED of these MOTHERFUCKING SNAKES IN THIS MOTHERFUCKING CASTLE!

Back to school AGAIN! This year definitely better! A dude who tried to kill me turned out OK. Sometimes misunderstandings happen. LOL.

Oh man, big tournament at my school this year!! PSYCHED! I hope nobody dies this year, and every year as if by clockwork.

Competing in a tournament. Also: is it just me, or should they really have a tougher vetting process for Dark Arts teachers?

OMFG VOLDEMORT AGAIN. Don't worry, I have the hang of this by now. Plus there's a secret society out to protect me. Give up already LV.

I AM UNDERGOING A LOT OF ANGST RIGHT NOW. And this Asian girl is giving me a major hard-on. Blue balls suck. No magic potion for it either.

Don't believe anyone who says Voldemort isn't back AGAIN. I KNOW WHAT I SAW!

Big brawl at Ministry of Magic! Sirius is dead. Super-pissed. I just used the torture spell, didn't I? I'm going to Azkaban now, aren't I?

Back to school again! Boy, everything better go well this year or I'm going to eat a wand.

Hey! My friend's sister is totally hot for me. Feels a bit dirty, but yeah baby, you like my scar, don't you? Wanna see my wand?


Sometimes this guy, Tom, keeps showing up. I don't want him around but I don't have the heart to tell him, because he killed my parents.

NM last tweet. Killed him. Something about a prophecy. Who cares? Last seven years have felt like same one, over and over.


Harry Potter pickup lines

These are awful. Quite funny though! My faves:

  • I'd like to get my basilisk into your chamber of secrets.
  • I've been whomping my willow thinking about you.
  • Do you want to head to the Shrieking Shack? We could do some shrieking of our own.
  • I must have had some Felix Felicis, because I think I'm about to get lucky.


Dolphin (Wii Emulator)

No, not the lovable sea creature, but the more nerdy Wii emulator. Yeah. Apparently it's pretty good now and can run a lot of Wii games perfectly. Don't have time to investigate fully atm, but you can have a download form here and some games here. Oh, and here's some Super Mario Bros. footage for you.