Jesus kitteh...

... loves Jesus. Via.


These poor poor creatures...

25 dogs dressed up as star wars characters. Don't really know what to say about these. Favourites below.

Noodle noodle!

I don't know what's more impressive, the fact that she values food above dryness or that the shop is even open. Incroyable! (via)

Just back from Oktoberfest...

... and in a world of pain! Been searching for the hangover cures of all hangover cures and came across these ones. Yes, I know, water, coffee, red ambulance etc., but here are my favourites of the home grown suggestions.

1. Banana, a carrot, a tomato, a shot of vodka, a bit of tobasco, some milk and after mouthwash to remove taste

2. Dill pickle juice

3. 1/4 of a pint of olive oil, a raw egg, and milk

4. Peach syrup from the canned peaches

5. A 'Thames'- half a pint of pure orange juice combined with half a pint of coke

Screw those, I've just ordered a pizza.


Stupid stupid people (grrr)

This video enrages me. Firstly, yes, I do agree that the criminal is incredibly stupid. However, secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I'm bloody angry that I had to sit through 2 and a half minutes of tripe cop chase to see somebody attempt a ridiculous matrix jump and really hurt their legs. I'm so glad I'm English.

Oh, and I normally wouldn't repost this crap, but if I had to sit through it, so do you. Who watches this crap?



So I'm pretty sure everybody knows about the Kanye West/Taylor Swift thingy (click the link if you haven't or you won't get this). I bloody loved comixed.com.


Why did the...


I'm back!

... albeit a bit early. It's a good story, involving a destroyed car and a crappy insurance company, an ill-fitting bike, some damaged genitalia and Brighton. Can't be bothered to explain now though. Anywho, some stuff for y'all to chow down.

A see-through frog:

A re-usuable protest banner:

The world's biggest burger:

And, finally, the 10 craziest things that ever fell from the sky. My favourite is probably fish over Great Yarmouth.

Enjoy! More randomness coming your way shortly (probably).


I'm going away for a few days...

Ha! I'm squeezing in an extra holiday before starting back at uni, so posting probably won't happen for a couple of weeks. For my 2 regular readers (I count regular as anyone who has visited Cult Potato more than once), how about taking up some of these hobbies to keep ourself occupied (found at sironasays):

1. Chinese folk dancing
2. Dog surfing
3. Painting toy soldiers from the Crimean War
4. Abnormal psychology of sharks
5. Ladybirds
6. Medieval re-enactment
7. Vampires
8. Collecting teapots
9. Body piercings
10. Collecting fighting boomerangs

As interested as I am in sharks, for me, it's have to be the fighting boomerangs! Bye now.



Quite simple, really. It's WTF with hot women. Or not...

Shark bomb

I wish wish wish so much this was real. Maybe it's the same shark!


Endless FAIL

This is how my head felt when I woke up this morning. (P.S. it gets really good about 9 and a half minutes in.)


Yet another Downfall parody

This one's quite good actually.


09/09/09- no cats day. Well, we're still alive.

So I may have got it a bit wrong. The internet still works, missiles aren't flying overhead and I can still login to facebook. As such, I've decided to declare my allegiance in this cyber war to cheezburger! Now, I don't actually like dreamingofkittens.com that much. It's rather kitsch. However, this video is pretty cute. Aha! I defy you, no cats day!


09/09/09- No Cats Day. WE'RE DOOMED!!!

OMG. There's a cyber war going on over the LOLcats. First, Urlesque made this announcement:

And then declared war:

And the response:

And here's a screengrab of dreamingofkittens.com:

It is cute, but it sure ain't no cheezburger!

Here's my take on it. Urlesque claim kittehs are exploited and that they're just doing this to give kittehs a break. However, everybody loves LOLcats. This is an act of aggression similar to Iraq in that it's going to divide internet users down the middle. My fear is that the LOLcat network has become so entangled in the fabric of the web that tomorrow, the internet will literally tear itself apart- half of all users will be camping out on cheezburger and the other half will be blogging about, I don't know, NOTHING. The internet depends on user generated content. If no content is generated tomorrow, the web will contract down in size until it could be saved onto a floppy disk. That means no more LOLcats and no more no LOLcats. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the apocalypse.

Please, urlesque and cheezburger, settle you differences and call a truce. Will somebody please think of the LOLcats???

POPTUB sums it up. Although they missed my favourite, stealth cat.


Rube Goldberg AC

Classic! Incidentally, I'm mildly amused by thereifixedit.com.


I like this website a lot. It features rules and lessons for surviving your day to day, set out in simple black and white. Wish I had thought of this!

He's no Tim 'Livewire' Shieff!

(P.S. I've noticed that my previously posted video of Tim 'Livewire' Shieff winning the 2009 World Freerunning Championships has been revoked- here's another!:)

A combination internet meme...

For the true geeks, a LOLwalrus/comixed internet meme. Look, we've already established I'm a bit of a nerd, OK? Don't judge me!

Countdown Fashion!!!

Wew! I'm back from Scotland. It was a rave. Literally. 24/7 party land. Anyway, on with the post...

As you probably might have gathered, I LOVE COUNTDOWN. What you might not have gathered (in fact, if you had, I'd be truly freaked out) is that I've got on the show! I had a successful audition a while ago and eagerly await my recording date. Anyway, I've been trying to find some freaking awesome t-shirts to wear (assuming I make it past 1 game!).

1. Reading is FUNdamental by localcelebrity.com. My first choice! Just need to wait until they get the large size back in stock:

2. Colege by ivealwayswantedoneofthose.com. A fairly common design but a classic!

3. Lastly, I was always going to hunt down a scrabble t-shirt. There are some wicked ones in Camden market with actually tiles stuck on, but, in their absence, here's a word nerd one from damnfunnytshirts.com. It loses marks for having incorrect letter values- 'W' should be 4, 'O' should be 1 and 'D' should be 2 points. Still, quite nice!

If I make it past 3 shows, I'll just have to go topless. Rachel would love it...