Countdown Fashion!!!

Wew! I'm back from Scotland. It was a rave. Literally. 24/7 party land. Anyway, on with the post...

As you probably might have gathered, I LOVE COUNTDOWN. What you might not have gathered (in fact, if you had, I'd be truly freaked out) is that I've got on the show! I had a successful audition a while ago and eagerly await my recording date. Anyway, I've been trying to find some freaking awesome t-shirts to wear (assuming I make it past 1 game!).

1. Reading is FUNdamental by localcelebrity.com. My first choice! Just need to wait until they get the large size back in stock:

2. Colege by ivealwayswantedoneofthose.com. A fairly common design but a classic!

3. Lastly, I was always going to hunt down a scrabble t-shirt. There are some wicked ones in Camden market with actually tiles stuck on, but, in their absence, here's a word nerd one from damnfunnytshirts.com. It loses marks for having incorrect letter values- 'W' should be 4, 'O' should be 1 and 'D' should be 2 points. Still, quite nice!

If I make it past 3 shows, I'll just have to go topless. Rachel would love it...

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