Goodbye Des and Carol!

Today marked the end of Des O'Connor and Carol Vorderman's time on Countdown. While Des has been there since January 2007, Carol has been doing the numbers for 26 year ever since the show first started on Channel 4- quite an achievement as Countdown was its first ever broadcast. A clearly emotional Carol said "that not having Countdown will leave a massive hole in my life and that is so sad".

While it is a shame to have Carol leave over a pay row when she's clearly so intrinsic to the show, what I realised today is that Countdown still can go on and on and on. Maybe her wages were unjustifiable to the soul of the programme. Carol said it herself- the ethos has always been that of 'innocence' and 'kindness'. I believe this is what preserves Countdown against everything, and is why I love it; there's no hidden agenda, just the chance for everyone to enjoy revelling in language. Carol fitted in so well with that; I hope her replacement is of the same vein.

Thank you, Carol- you've been great!

Incidentally, Carol's replacement is a girl called Rachel Riley (left, obviously)- hubba hubba!

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