09/09/09- No Cats Day. WE'RE DOOMED!!!

OMG. There's a cyber war going on over the LOLcats. First, Urlesque made this announcement:

And then declared war:

And the response:

And here's a screengrab of dreamingofkittens.com:

It is cute, but it sure ain't no cheezburger!

Here's my take on it. Urlesque claim kittehs are exploited and that they're just doing this to give kittehs a break. However, everybody loves LOLcats. This is an act of aggression similar to Iraq in that it's going to divide internet users down the middle. My fear is that the LOLcat network has become so entangled in the fabric of the web that tomorrow, the internet will literally tear itself apart- half of all users will be camping out on cheezburger and the other half will be blogging about, I don't know, NOTHING. The internet depends on user generated content. If no content is generated tomorrow, the web will contract down in size until it could be saved onto a floppy disk. That means no more LOLcats and no more no LOLcats. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the apocalypse.

Please, urlesque and cheezburger, settle you differences and call a truce. Will somebody please think of the LOLcats???

POPTUB sums it up. Although they missed my favourite, stealth cat.

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