Scrubs Finale

Perfect. A little sentimental, but Scrubs deserves it- throughout all 8 seasons it seems to be one of the few shows I keep coming back to. The last 5 minutes were honestly some of the most powerful TV I've ever seen. The scene of J.D. walking down the hall and seeing his past reflected in the faces of the people he meets juxtaposed against the video of an idyllic future worked brilliantly. It enabled you to see how he's developed as a character and how, despite his mistakes as a doctor, he's resilient enough to remain hopeful. Bill Lawrence's appearance, exchanging a last "good night" with J.D., really made me smile too (I admit, through some tears). So, so perfect! I know it's just a TV show, but I'm really going to miss it. Oh, and I'd like to think that J.D.'s imagined future gets realised (although I am hopelessly idealistic- it's going to break me one day).

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