Telegraph Crossword Quandry

I like to do the cryptic crossword every day. I'm not very good at it, but it's terribly satisfying to complete (I've done it once) and also staves off boredom during lectures. Today, more than ever, I'm confused. This is because I believe there's a typo.

11 ac.: Agent finishing off going through again (9)- I reckon this is 'repending', as a REP is an agent and finishing off is ENDING.

9 do.: Instruments before too long interrupting singer (8)- Before too long is SOON and a singer is a BASS, so I think it's 'bassoons'.

Trouble is, if 11 ac. is right, the second letter of 9 do. should be 'n'. Oh dear. Normally I'd say it's my error, but today I'm backing myself. Hmmm.

UPDATE: Big Dave has solved it. 11 ac. is wrong- finishing off also means EATING. My bad. Ahem.

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