Relationship Graph

I'm having another Lionel Richie day. My relationship kept chucking stuff up from the past, but my ex-girlfriend (still one of my best friends, I hope) and I have re-evaluated what we want from each other and so today we levelled- I told her I still care massively, she told me she didn't. But that's ok. In my opinion, a relationship doesn't mean anything unless it's real. If she wouldn't have been happy it wouldn't have felt right. Other things were said but, really, that's the crux of the matter.

I present to you the relationship/life graph. The x-axis represents the progression of the relationship, whilst the y-axis is how the relationship feels. Some people are content on the red line- they don't suffer the pain of the extreme lows, but never really experience the ecstasy of the highs. They may not even realise they're on the red line.

I was on the red line for a lot of my life. Then I met her. I didn't know it, but at some stage I switched onto the blue. Our relationship, for me, went as follows- start was a little shaky, but then it peaked. It tailed off at the end. I knew she was pulling away but I didn't want to lose her so I said nothing, delaying it. Then she broke up with me. I troughed. Then we went on a date, trying again, and I went back up a bit. It didn't work out. I have been getting a bit better, but stuff got dug up and now, I'm troughing again. I'm pleased she was honest though. I think we can be really really good friends.

All in all, the pain sucks. I'm glad I'm not on the red line anymore though. I hope I get over her soon because it hurts.

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