Christmas Cocktails

... or, specifically, one Christmas cocktail. Which I made up! Jolly smashing it is too, if I might say. And here's the recipe so you all can also enjoy it. I've named it the Gin Gin Chin Chin:

1. Smash a couple of inches of ginger, and add to a shaker.
2. Crank in the juice of half a lemon, then lob in the squeezed half for good measure..
3. Crushed ice! Obviously.
4. Add two shots of gin, and two of cointreau.
5. Add one of grenadine (or a smidgeon more should you so wish).
6. Shake.
7. Add more ginger (to taste, but I like it to give a bit of a kick).
8. Shake it good.
9. Top up with carbonated water (don't go crazy!)
10. Serve over crushed ice in a Collins glass.

Chin chin!

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