Radish Kimchi

I discovered Berwick street vegetable market on Tuesday. (Incidentally, I found it hilarious that literally on yauatcha's doorstep there was a little van selling dim sum for next to nothing.) As a result, I had a crazy sum of radishes. What does one do with radishes? I mean, they're quite nice to eat with salt, and maybe you can chop them into salads, but does anyone in all honesty know any good radish recipes? I didn't, so I had a google and then it hit me. Kimchi! I've done kimchi before with cucumber- it was ok, if a little salty. This time round, I followed the advice of Coconut and Lime, and I'm eagerly awaiting the results. Sadly, I didn't have any anchovy sauce and so had to substitute with shrimp paste, but it's looking good so far. Will let you know how it tastes. I'm hopeful, but if that shrimp paste is too strong I'll probably have to wash my mouth out with soap. That stuff is na-sty!

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