Radish Kimchi- done!

So the radish kimchi had finished fermenting by sunday night. Weirdly, it seems to have collected an odd layer of watery stuff in the bottom of the container- maybe from the cucumber I added. Anywho, it tastes yummy! Oh, but bloody spicy. Sadly, I didn't have the Korean red pepper powder or red pepper flakes that the original recipe called for, so I substitued with cayenne chilli powder and I flaked in 5 dried bird's eye chillis. My sister also thought it had too strong an aftertaste of fermented fish, so maybe next time just 1 teaspoon of shrimp paste. Other than that, it's pretty good! The radish is a whole lot better than the cucumber though as it has retained a crunch. Definitely one to repeat! Recipes for using kimchi, as suggested by chowhound- kimchi soup, kimchi buchim (pancake), kimchi burgers, kimchi fried rice and... brie and kimchi sandwiches. Er... yeah.

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