Load at the Royal Albert Hall

Yesterday I went to see 'Load' at the Royal Albert Hall. It was held in the loading bay under the actual hall where all the deliveries come in. 9 graffiti artists made murals of notable performers in the history of the Royal Albert Hall, featuring not only musicians (such as Frank Sinatra and Jay Z) but other figures such as Albert Einstein, Sir Winston Churchill and even Sumo Wrestlers. It was pretty awesome!

One of my favourite things there, though, was an
interactive graffiti wall. This rocked so hard- it was basically a big screen which you could virtually tag. I suppose it worked a bit like a Nintendo Wii, but for controllers you had a paint can. I sucked at it, but others were laying down some supreme labels. I want one! (There are more videos of the YrWall here. The one entitled 'Cordy House' is pretty awesome!)

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