GoalKeeper Hockey Hero

OK, I promise this is the last bit of geeky gaming nostalgia I blog about for, like, at least a month. Whilst revelling in the games of my youth, I recalled that I myself once made a game. A bit of digging later and voila! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... GoalKeeper Hockey Hero! I think I made this when I was about twelve. I've got no idea how I did it- it's not actually that bad. Oh, I realise the theme is very odd, but I used to be a hockey goalkeeper (not ice hockey; normal hockey) and remember feeling constantly undervalued. I've put it up on RapidShare- this allows 10 downloads. In the unlikely event that this number is reached, put something in the comments and I'll put it up again. Enjoy (actually, you probably won't, but hey, be nice!)! And yes, the GoalKeeper character is moustached.

Download Link Here

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