I'm off for a week!

Due to extenuating circumstances I've been called away from base camp and I'm off to Singapore. This means no posting (or, at the very least, sporadic posting). To make up for it, here are some hobbies you could take up to keep you occupied in my absence:

1) Home Brewing- I'm an enthusiast in this field anyway. All you need is a bucket (with tap), beer kits and patience. I recommend the Hop Shop and Hop and Grape. Make sure you sterilise your kit first! Oh, and start with a lager- they tend to come out alright whatever you do, in my experience.

2) Pyrotechnics- yep, a new field to me. Apparently this book is a good guide. Firework making sounds fun.

3) Topiary- sounds fun! I bought my sister this book by Barbara Gallup which is pretty good (I had a peruse). It even tells you how to craft a teddy bear.

4) Knife Making- Global Shmobal. Looks like you need a grinding wheel thingy though.

5) Preserving- an old classic. I would defer to the Women's Institute for this.

Or you could just get on with your life instead. Au revoir!

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