Remember my idea for 'Mar-Butter'?

A while ago I shared my idea for 'Mar-Butter'. Well, today I contacted Marmite to see what they think:

Dear Marmite People,

I love Marmite, but I notice in the mornings when I spread it on my toast that either I get butter in the marmite pot or marmite on the butter pat. In addition, having to spread two things on the toast both weakens it twice as much, sometimes making holes, and allows it to cool down. Have you ever considered making 'Mar-Butter'? This could come in different strengths to suit all tastes. I have conducted trials and I think it would work. It certainly doesn't go off any quicker than normal butter. I know some people like the marbling effect of marmite on toast, so you could eventually do 'Mar-Butter Swirls', or something to that effect. You could also do 'Mar-Butter' spreadable, or some kind of healthy version (using a sunflower spread, but in my opinion it doesn't taste the same). I think this idea will speed up the toast making process of many people, in addition to creating less washing up! Please let me know what you think. Thank you!

P.S. I did consider other names, but ‘Butt-Mite’ didn’t have the same ring to it.

I eagerly await their reply!

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