Marmite + Butter =...

In my lifetime, I've been accused many times of being a bit hare-brained. I'm the first to admit that many of my ideas have been a bit crazy, but there have some which were, in my opinion, unjustly ridiculed and mocked. The first of these was endless bread. I used to live in a boarding house, sharing with many other people. At the end of tea, the end pieces of the loaf always seemed to be left next to the toaster. I proposed the solution but got shot down by my peers. Fair enough, my method was a little mental- instead of simply throwing away the end pieces of a loaf or using them for bread crumbs or something, I envisaged a giant circular factory baking one massive donut-shaped loaf. This could be cut into individual loaves. The factory would be of such size that the curvature of a single loaf would be so small as to be unnoticable. Alternatively, there could be one long break-making machine baking a very lengthy loaf. Anyway, I had the last laugh- I found on sale at a Morrison's somewhere in Cornwall a loaf of endless bread. So there!

This morning during breakfast, I was reminded of an idea I had a while ago. Among many others, I'm sure, I've noticed how annoying it is to get butter in the marmite pot or, even worse (in my opinion), marmite on the butter pat. Additionally, the toast has to endure a double spreading which leaves it structurally weakened and, hence, a bit flimsy when picked up. The latest of my ideas is a butter/marmite spread. It would be called either Marbutter, Buttermite or, my favourite, Buttmite, and would be available at varying ratios of marmite to butter to suit all palettes.

People will laugh, but when my idea comes to fruition I shall have no sympathy.

UPDATE: I just googled 'butter and marmite spread' and found that
someone else has had this idea too- all I can say is great minds...

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