More about Kai Laddiman

I can't quite get over this kid. He's just awesome. I've assembled some additional facts about him from various sources all over the place:

1) He started watching Countdown at the age of 2. This was one of the ways he learnt the alphabet and the English language.
2) He could beat his parents and grandparents at Scrabble at the age of 6.
3) He already has a B grade in AS Level Maths.
4) His Mum styles his hair.
5) Some anagrams of his name are 'I'm a kind lad' and 'A dim, anal kid' (but I'm not sure that second one really applies!).

6) When he grows up, he wants to be a footballer or an inventor.
7) Kai stated that some of his fellow contestants were "a bit miffed at being beaten by a school boy". Well, to be honest, I would be (especially if I was a teacher like one of his victims!).
8) I believe he plays football for the Oak Warriors Under 12s. However, this is unconfirmed.
9) If Jack Bauer and Kai were ever to have a fight, Kai would win. This is because he'd use his enormous lexicon to confuse and confuddle his opponent whose brain would explode. FACT.

Ok, so I made the last one up. It could be true though- nobody can prove me wrong!

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