Banzuke Brian!!!

Sunday mornings are always a bit of a lull phase for me. I sit, I read, I watch. Everything is calm. So imagine my surprise when, flicking through the TV channels, I come across the oh so distinctive(/loud) voice of Brian Blessed. On a Japanese game show. Entitled Ultimate Banzuke. Intrigued, I watch. It's like a cross between Ninja Warrior and Takashi's Castle, with challenges either requiring crazy strength or crazy skill. I watch some more. And then, the more amazing then happened- Banzuke Brian appeared! So this is Brian Blessed in a kind of faux Samurai costume. It's bloody hilarious! To see clips of the show, just shove in Ultimate Banzuke on youtube. However, to see Banzuke Brian in action, just click below! Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

It makes me lol hard when brian says stuff like "I have designed this" and "my unbeatable course" etc etc

Apparently he doesnt realize hes not asian, and hes wearing plastic body armor infront of a bluescreen on the other side of the world ^^