Poor poor Cult Potato...

How I have neglected you! But it's cool, I'll get some wicked stuff asap. For starters, remember bacon lube? Well, here's some bacon air freshener:

Next, the US Air Force is buying 2200 PS3s to build a supercomputer. Kid you not. Personally, I'd make 2200 PS3 grills and have the barbecue to end all barbecues.

Lastly, a Scottish brewer has launched the world's strongest beer, at a powerful 32%. It's called Tactical Nuclear Penguin. "The incredible strength was attained when the beer, which started life as a 10 percent imperial stout, was aged for 16 months in two different whiskey casks before being stored in a freezer at a ball-shriveling -20°C for three weeks." How do you come up with that process?

It occurs to me that this is a fairly bloke-y post. Meh.

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