Death? Ha!

I totally love this list of fatal accidents that weren't fatal. I think my favourite is the massive black guy who got shot, like, a million times by police whilst out on a stag do. Granted, it is amazing that he survived, but what I'm wondering more about is what the hell he and his buddies were up to. I'm aware that typically stag dos involve lots of cheap alcopops/beer, an obligatory striptease followed by a debauched hedonistic drunken blow out (maybe in some Eastern bloc country. Like Czechoslovakia). The last stag do I went on was much more genteel- we went fishing. Yes, there was a lot of beer drunk, but mostly we were fly fishing. This begs the question: WTF was Joseph Guzman doing that the police had to shoot him? I mean, for God's sake, life isn't actually like Grand Theft Auto. Or maybe it is. After all, he did survive 19 slugs.

(Incidentally, I love the fact that he looks decidedly pensive. Hmmm. Maybe I shouldn't have antagonised the police so much that they shot me?)

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