The Tinies on Apple IIGS Emulator

Woo, who's up for some old school gaming? I was thinking about my misspent youth yesterday and I remembered that quality game, The Tinies. A quick google later revealed it was played on an Apple IIGS. I didn't really care, but I wondered if I could get this working on my PC? So, one wasted day later and it's game on! Setting it up was an absolute mission, but I used this guide and it helped a lot. Anyway, here's how you do it. (I have no idea why this works by the way.) I recommend keeping everything in the same folder or it could get confusing.

1. Download KEGS32 from here.
2. Download gsrom03 from here.
3. Download this install disk thingy from here.
4. Download 'The Tinies' from here.
5. This is where it gets tricky. Extract everything, then open the KEGS32 emulator thingy.
6. Press F6, or sometimes F4 (whatever opens up the Config screen).
7. Navigate to ROM file selection.
8. Select the gsrom03 file.
9. Select Back to Main Config, then select Disk Configuration.
10. In slot s7d1, open up new.po (it extracts from the install disk thingy).
11. In slot s5d1, open up The Tinies.2mg.
12. Select Back to Main Config, then navigate to Speed.
13. Change it to 2.8MHz.
14. Select Exit Config. Done! The Apple IIGS operating system should then load.
15. Select The Tinies folder on the apple desktop, then play!
16. Break down in nostalgic tears as childhood memories come flooding back.

Oh, you can also play other Apple IIGS classics, such as Paperboy or Winter Games using this method. Just load up the relevant file instead of The Tinies. God, I need a life.

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