Lions vs. South Africa- Second Test

Via the magic of justin.tv I managed to watch the Lions second test against South Africa live today. I can honestly say it was one of the best rugby matches I have ever seen. The players truly were wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Inevitably, this always leads to some unsavoury moments, but it also meant that the match turned out to be an absolute stonker. What really, really upset me, though, was the disgusting gouge by Schalk Burger on Luke Fitzgerald. He fully deserves his 0 rating from the Telegraph. There is no room for that in the game. You can understand a bit of fistycuffs; it's the competitive nature of rugby, and, due to this, it's going to boil over once and again. This is fine as long as it doesn't spoil the broth. However, eye gouging is bloody dangerous and, in my mind, Burger should receive a massive ban. It really isn't fun- I got gouged last season. I was ok, but I went f**king mental at the perpetrator. The worst thing in my case was that he got off scott free as the ref didn't see. That is NOT rugby.

Anyway, finished ranting now- what I really want to find is a video replay of the try! Really, really think that the South African chappy was out. In addition, when Ronan O'Gara gave away that penalty at 79.56 on the clock, I don't think it was a deliberate take out in the air. If you watch his eyes they're clearly on the ball for the whole time. Harumph!

I also seriously want to get hold of a video of O'Driscoll taking down Rossouw halfway through the second half. I suppose until then this article will have to do. That totally depicted the commitment the Lions are all about. Long may they last!

I love rugby.

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