Kicks Time!

3 themed pairs for you this time. Not ones I'd ever buy, but still re-dunk-culously cool.

I'll start off with the Nike Big High Flintstones. All you need now is a dinosaur skin and a bone club. These kicks would be such an awesome indulgence. If only I were loaded...

Next, I present to you the Nike Dunk SB Blue Lobster Concepts. Not only is the idea and presentation wicked, but the shoes look amazing and would be highly wearable. It's not like they've got pincers on or are dayglo yellow or something (NB- I'm not saying dayglo yellow is totally unwearable, but it's just a lot harder to wear with, like, most clothes. In short, more effort is required.) Apparently, I also missed the original Nike Dunk SB Lobsters from last year- I want them. Love that band around the toe!

Finally, I'm afraid I'm straying from my beloved Nikes, but I just couldn't resist. How sweet are these Puma Suede Mid Penguins. Just freakin' amazing!

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