World Domino Day 2008

So I'm a bit behind, but in a boxing day haze I watched Domino Day 2008 on Channel 5. It was truly amazing, with a new world record was set with 4,345,027 dominos toppled. In total, 10 records were broken- in addition to total number of dominos felled, I witnessed:

  • Longest domino spiral (200 m)
  • Highest domino climb (12 m)
  • Smallest domino stone (7 mm)
  • Largest domino stone (4.8 m)
  • Longest domino wall (16 m)
  • Largest domino structure (25,000 stones)
  • Fastest topple of 30 metres of domino stones (4.21 sec) (against a sprinter)
  • Largest number of domino stones resting on a single domino (727 stones)
  • Largest rectangular level domino field (1 million stones)

Mr. Domino is a crazy guy! Here is my favourite bit from this years event, the black hole.

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