Nike ID Bespoke

...is, like, Nike ID Studios to the max. I recently went to Nike ID Studios in London, but don't have a camera- I've been waiting to take some photos. Bespoke, however, looks utterly amazing.

So, first of all, with Bespoke, you can customise the Air Force 1. Being such a formidable shoe, that's pretty darn sweet. Secondly, you can change 31 parts of the shoe, including the deubré. (This term, for a tag on the laces, originated at Nike in 1994 when Damon Clegg, a Scottish designer, called it a doobrie- that's Scottish slang for a thingy. His audience mistook it for a technical term and the word evolved.) 31 parts is a hell of a lot in comparison to ID Studios. There are 82 material and colour options. Exclusive options include the Elephant and Safari print, full grain suede, nubuck and leathers, Italian full grain patent leather, premium denim and reflective synthetic leathers.

Trouble is, it's in SoHo, New York.

I'm literally drooling.

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