Christmas Jokes

Right, following my question asking who writes Christmas cracker jokes, I haven't yet had any solutions. The main reason I wanted to know was because I think I'd be perfect for the job. This is for two reasons:

1. I recently made some Christmas crackers (from a kit) for a warm up dinner. This confirmed what I've already known for a very long time and what my friends keep reminding me- my jokes are of Christmas cracker calibre.
2. I am a student. Logically, crackers should be made when demand is low- i.e. summer. It'd be a good summer job.

To any potential employers who happen to be browsing (it's a long shot but worth a go), here are some of my original Christmas themed cracker jokes:

Q. Did you hear about the multi-talented elf?
A. He has many gifts.

Q. Have you heard about the man crazy about December 25th?
A. He's a Chstmas cracker!

Q. Do you know what an elk's favourite type of weather is, dear?
A. Rein-deer!

Q. How do you hail an indecisive frozen person?
A. Ye-S-No-Man! (Ye Snowman... geddit?)

Q. Why coldn't the teddy bear eat any more Christms dinner?
A. Because it was stuffed!

Slightly rude one (I can go there too- I'm not afraid to push the limits):

Q. Did you hear Father Christmas go arrested for prostitution?
A. He has walking down the street yelling ho ho ho!

You see! I'd be awesome at it. Job offers in the comments please!

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