The New Routemaster

I'm very much looking forward to the unveiling of the new Routemaster design. This mainly stems from my hatred of the bendy bus (based on countless bad experiences on the 29) but there's a nostalgia there too (odd, since I've only properly lived in London for a year). I gather there are many submitted designs; however, the most prominent seems to be the so-called smiley bus. I quite like it; however, I bet one day I'll be revelling in melancholic grumpiness and will flip out when I see the bonny bonnet. It will only serve to enrage me more. Other than that, I'm all for!

I also really like Time Out's suggestion for a 'crime-fighting Routemaster'. "Pros- combines two pledges with a Routemaster that transforms into a knife-crime-fighting robot. Also features disabled access. Cons- potential writ from Hasbro."

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