Earl Grey Ice Cream...

... is a success! I made it with two extra normal tea bags for a really strong flavour. I also bought the wrong type of cream for whipping- I didn't read the whole recipe before starting (I know, poor technique). Even so, I'm delighted to say that it froze amazingly. I don't own an ice cream machine so I just took it out the freezer every half hour and gave it a mix. The taste is strongly of Earl Grey, and is very delicious! And it's not overly sweet either which is what I was worried about. Thinking along the lines of how people taste tea, I think a lemon mousse or shortbread would be a good accompaniment- not sure a cucumber sandwhich would fly!

On another note, I am hopeless at meringues. I tried to make some with the left over egg whites but my mixture wouldn't thicken- no soft peaks for me. in retrospect, this is probably because I didn;t have any icing sugar which probably made my mixture too thick. In the end, I poured it into little ramekins and shoved them in the oven. They rose beautifully, but weren't crunchy- very soft. Also, at the bottom of the ramekins an layer similar to the white of a fried egg had accumulated. In the end I scooped out the tasty bits from the top of each pot and ditched the rest- I'll make some Eton mess or something. Oh well.

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