Cooking to perfection

Really nice article from the RSC on Heston Blumenthal's cooking techniques and molecular gastronomy in general. It features a tasty looking recipe for green tea sour mousse (sadly, I don't own a foam canister or have liquid nitrogen readily to hand so I may have to put it on the shelf for a bit!). It also explains a lot about 'gellan', a type of gum used in low fat jams and the like. Heston uses it to create "pea-sized gels that revert to liquid when subjected to a sheer force"- that is, when you bite it. Upsettingly, I can't find a recipe anywhere for that; I'm still gunning for sodium alginate/calcium chloride ravioli. I did, however, find this page, which reveals how to make an almond fluid gel, so that might be tweakable (also has many other delicious looking ideas). Oh, and this chap worked out a gellan recipe for heat resistant jelly- pretty good. His tomato gel looks like it has a really nice texture.

I think I need to brush up my cooking skills a bit.

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