What's the word for...

... brand names entering the dictionary? There are loads of examples. From watching endless amounts of Countdown, I know that, for instance, 'vaseline' is allowable and got approved recently. So too are 'hoover', 'xerox', 'thermos', 'prozac', 'spandex', 'tampax', 'band-aid' and 'viagra' (although the site is American so I'm not sure whether they're the OED. I also left out 'jello'- that's definitely not British). Apparently, 'walkman' is also there, defined as "a type of personal stereo", and 'to google' has been added to the Merriam-Webster.

If a word describing trademarks that have become so commonplace they've entered everyday usage doesn't exist, I would like to propose one. I would have suggested 'debranding', but apparently that already has a meaning- "the removal of brand names, packaging or other material that would enable research participants to identify a brand." So instead, I'm suggesting debrandation. Does exactly what it says on the tin!

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